Smoke Doors & Smoke Door Assemblies Fabricated In-House, Currently Stocked, and Shipped Direct

  • Fast Lead Times with Competitive Pricing and a 5-year Warranty
  • USA Fabricated by a Family-Owned Private Company
  • Sustainable Solutions with EPD Documentation and Red List Free Verification
  • Narrow Steel Profiles with Decorative, Privacy, and Security Glazing Options
  • Attractive Hardware Packages with Fire-Rated Options
  • 40 Years of Experience

McGrory Glass, in partnership with Forster Steel Framing, offers in-house fabricated smoke doors, smoke door assemblies, and hardware, in addition to fire doors and fire-rated assembly systems. Contact us today for pricing, lead times, or to discuss your latest project needs.

Our team of door and fire-rated manufacturing veterans have 40+ years of experience in smoke door assemblies, fire-rated/security solutions, architectural glass / mounting systems, and x-ray/radiation shielding glass. We specialize in comprehensive solutions across sectors, with a special focus on healthcare and education projects.

Product Overview

forster presto Smoke Door Framing Systems by McGrory Glass are a rigorously tested, Intertek Listed, narrow steel complete profile system designed for flush mounted single or double-leaf doors, windows, and glazed enclosures. Common applications include: elevator lobbies, corridor doors, smoke partitions, atriums, underground buildings, health care facilities, ambulatory care facilities, exit enclosures/passageways, and more.

Easy to install, our smoke doors are available in a RAL powder color finish, with both standard and custom options to match your desired color scheme.

Product Features

  • “S” label smoke door meets UL 1784 and NFPA 105
  • Narrow sightlines/profiles
  • Unique factory-installed hardware, including: tubular exit devices, concealed hinges, concealed closers, and electrified options to integrate with access control systems
  • Other colors and additional decorative options available
  • Frames supplied as fully fabricated K/D assembly
  • Available in a stock range of TGIC-free powder coat colors and finishes, as well as brushed stainless steel and custom colors
  • Security glazing, privacy, and decorative options both stock and custom available
  • Fire-rated options available for 20 to 90 minutes, Intertek Listed

How To Buy

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What is a smoke door?

Smoke doors are doors that comply with NFPA 105, Standard for Smoke Door Assemblies and other Opening Protectives. Smoke doors may be single doors, or pairs. S labeled doors must meet UL 1784, the Standard for Safety of Air Leakage Door Tests of Door Assemblies and other Opening Protectives. For occupant safety, smoke doors and other opening protective solutions must be UL or Intertek listed and clearly labeled.

Where are smoke doors typically found?

Common applications for smoke doors include: elevator lobbies for fire service access elevators and occupant evacuation elevators, corridor doors (especially corridor doors in health and wellness facilities where care recipient sleeping rooms are housed), smoke partitions (for example, in atriums or lobbies), underground buildings (such as subways and garages), health care facilities, ambulatory care facilities, exit enclosures/passageways, and more.

Each smoke door application can have specific hardware or gaskets required to meet different code section requirements.

What is the difference between a fire-rated door and a smoke door?

Both fire-rated door assembly systems and smoke door assembly systems are code-driven: meaning their design is determined by building codes designed to provide maximum safety to building occupants. McGrory Glass’ team can help you understand complex code requirements and design the best solution.

While fire doors can double as smoke doors, smoke doors may not meet the building codes prescribed for fire-rated assemblies. Certified smoke doors and fire doors must both be labeled accordingly and listed with recognized testing facilities such as UL or Intertek.


  • Fire-rated doors and assembly systems stop the spread of both flames and smoke, and are available in fire-resistant systems that have temp rise performance and also provide a barrier to radiant heat
  • Smoke-rated doors stop the spread of smoke only, and may be glazed with tempered or laminated glass that is not fire-rated, either protective or resistive
  • Smoke doors have a range of hardware and decorative options, as well as privacy and security variations

Do smoke doors have to be ugly?

No! McGrory offers a variety of aesthetic solutions on the cutting-edge of architectural design, with slender powder-coat steel framing in a variety of stock and custom colors, and attractive hardware options. Unlike other solutions, McGrory’s modern performance glazing offers narrow profiles and prioritizes daylighting and sight lines.

Can my smoke doors have decorative or privacy options?

We offer multiple privacy options, including:

  • Custom gradients, stock patterns, or graphic art (including logo branding and wayfinding), created by our in-house Print Division
  • DotView™ One-Way Vision, exclusively from McGrory, offers a precision dot-on-dot solution that shows an opaque surface from one side (with art or full flood colors of your choice) and a clear view from the other
  • Our ElectraView™ Switchable Privacy glass offers privacy at the flip of a switch, from opacity to clarity in seconds Exclusive acid etch solutions from Vitrealspecchi’s Madras® elegant Italian product line with an array of patterns and opacity levels to choose from (can be combined with colors and other options from our in-house Print Division)

Can your team help with other necessary glazing solutions, like radiation shielding glass, decorative glazing, or secure large format glass panel mounting for walls, ceiling, and seismic?

Absolutely! McGrory offers comprehensive architectural solutions across sectors, fabricated in our 250,000+ SF solar-powered facilities. Visit our website to learn more and to view our project portfolio.